CigarScore: Year One By the Numbers

5 days ago, on Friday the 13th, CigarScore turned 1 year old! Yep, after meeting with some business advisers, I decided to buy the domain (along with several others for IP protection), on December 13, 2018.

And what a year it has been! Whether you're one of our earliest users or you've just now heard about us through the CigarScore Awards, I wanted to share some milestones with you.

If you don't care, that's cool, but I still wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!


  • 23,126: The # of CigarScore users in 2019
  • 20.81%: The % of CigarScore users who are in Illinois, the state with the most users
  • 1408: The # of cigar lounges, humidors, and cigar-friendly bars and restaurants currently in our database.
  • 100%: The % of our listings that have been verified by a real human.


  • 242: The current # of subscribers on CigarScore TV as of today.
  • 16,053: The # times our videos have been viewed on YouTube.
  • 70,962: The amount of time (in minutes) our viewers have spent watching our cigar reviews, unboxings, etc. on YouTube


  • 171: The # of cigars smoked and reviewed on
  • $33: The cost of the most expensive cigar we reviewed this year. (See them here)
  • 3: The most popular CigarScore rating received
  • 4: The second most popular CigarScore rating
  • $9: The most common cigar price of all of the cigars reviewed
  • $12: The second most common cigar price of all of the cigars reviewed


  • 2198: The # of votes cast so far in the 2019 CigarScore Awards
  • 85%: The % of users who are likely or very likely to use CigarScore to find cigar lounges or other cigar-related businesses.
  • 95%: The % of users who are male.
  • 64%: The % of users who are between 40 and 59 years old.
  • 45%: The % of our users who spend over $1000/year on cigars – that's more than 10x what the average cigar smoker spends
  • 131: The # of people who like the CigarScore Facebook page
  • 899: The # of subscribers on our email list (Subscribe Here)
  • 166: The # of comments and reviews left on CigarScore listings


And, if you own a cigar-related business, you might be interested in these stats too.

  • 2066: The # of times users have clicked through to buy the cigars we reviewed.
  • 954: The # of times users have clicked on links to cigar brands
  • 67.9%: The % of users who plan on visiting a listing they found on CigarScore
  • 49%: The % of users who plan on visiting that listing within 72 hours of finding them on CigarScore

The stats speak for themselves!


2020 is going to be an AWESOME year for and our partners, and the prices to upgrade your business' listing go UP on January first.

Click here to login and begin your listing upgrade. (If you have any questions or comments, send me an email and we'll respond quickly) My team and I have some big plans for 2020 and beyond, and we're excited and honored to have you as part of our community =)

Have an awesome day and happy smoking!

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